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Certified English and/or French Translators for medical students

The AFMC sourced a list of skilled and certified translators for medical students to use as they fulfill their application requirements for residency program applications across Canadian Faculties of Medicine.

Students needing translation services are asked to contact the firms directly with their request mentioning the AFMC special rate code. AFMC will not be involved in requests between the service provider and individual students.

Translation Firms on Standing Offer (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023)

Translation firms offering special / discounted rates for translation for medical students in their resident match applications:

Aroa El Horani, C. Tr. (Use special rate code: AFMC) 

Language Marketplace (Use special rate code: AFMC) 
Attn: Hugo Rodas; Phone: 888-294-3032 ext. 235; Fax:844-283-4960;  

Versacom (Use special rate code: AFMC) 
Laura Courrot, Project Manager 

Words Without Borders Inc. (Use special rate code: AFMC) 587-863-0505 

Additional expert translation services available:

BG Communications International Inc. 

Nations Translation Group
Tel.: 613-820-4566 Fax: 613-820-3364 Toll Free: 1-888-800-6584