Our Committees

Continuing Professional Development

Chair: Dr. Suzan Schneeweiss, University of Toronto
Vice-Chair: Dr. Vernon Curran, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Graduate Studies

Chair: Dr. Tara Beattie, University of Calgary

Postgraduate Medical Education

Co-Chair: Dr. Andrew Warren, Dalhousie University
Co-Chair: Dr. Christopher J. Watling, Western University


Chair: Dr. Peter Nickerson, University of Manitoba

Student Affairs

Co-chair: Dr. Melanie Lewis, University of Alberta
Co-chair: Dr. Janette McMillan, University of British Columbia

Undergraduate Medical Education

Chair: Dr. Evelyn Sutton, Dalhousie University
Vice Chair: Dr. Patricia Houston, University of Toronto
Vice Chair: Dr. Beth-Ann Cummings, McGill University