Our Networks


Chair: Dr. Owen Prowse, Northern Ontario School of Medicine


Co-Chair: Dr. Jill Rudkowski, McMaster University
Co-Chair: Ms. Jane Gordon, Queen's University

Clinical Skills

Chair: Dr. Barbara Power, University of Ottawa

Distributed Medical Education

Chair: Dr. Jill Konkin, University of Alberta


Chair: Dr. Jim Butler, University of Manitoba

Equity, Diversity and Gender

Chair: Dr. Saleem Razack, McGill University

Faculty Affairs

Chair: Dr. Cathy Vardy, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Faculty Development

Chair: Dr. Karen Leslie, University of Toronto

Faculty Undergraduate Accreditation Leads (FUAL)

Chair: Dr. Kevin Busche, University of Calgary

Francophone Minorities

Chair: Ms. Danielle Barbeau-Rodrigue, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Global Health

Chair: Dr. Shawna O’Hearn, Dalhousie University

Indigenous Health Network

Chair: Dr. Marcia Anderson, University of Manitoba


Chair: Mr. Matt Simpson, Queen's University

Institutional Advancement and Communications

Chair: Ms. Susan Emigh, McMaster University

Interprofessional Education

Co-Chair: Dr. Christie Newton, University of British Columbia
Co-Chair: Ms. Sylvia Langlois, University of Toronto


Chair: Ms. Natalie Waters, McGill University

Physician Health and Well-being

Chair: Dr. Mithu Sen, Western University

Postgraduate Affairs

Chair: Dr. Donald Farquhar, Western University


Co-chair: Dr. Heather Lochnan, University of Ottawa
Co-chair: Dr. Gurdeep Parhar, University of British Columbia

Senior Administration

Chair: Mr. Dwayne Martins, Western University

Senior Education Deans

Chair: Dr. Alan Neville, McMaster University

Social Accountability

Chair: Dr. Shawna O’Hearn, Dalhousie University