AFMC - Clinical Teacher Award

The AFMC Clinical Teacher Award recognizes excellence in clinical teaching by an individual faculty member in a Faculty of Medicine in Canada. This award was established in 2014 and is intended to emphasize the importance of clinical teaching in academic medicine. Exceptional faculty clinicians with an M.D. or another health professional degree who demonstrate vision, innovation and leadership in clinical teaching in their faculty of medicine are eligible. 
Selection criteria
Nominations must include: 
  • Evidence of a sustained track record as an outstanding teacher in a clinical setting to medical students, residents and or other health professionals.
  • Evidence of excellence in teaching, scholarship and innovation in clinical medicine.
  • Evidence of exceptional clinical teaching contributions through recognition and awards or evaluations.
  • Demonstrated impact as a clinical teacher through innovation in curricular design, new courses or delivery of teaching material.
  • Evidence of impact through awards or testimonials from learners and peers.
  • Evidence of emerging scholarship in clinical teaching through peer-reviewed publications, invited presentations, workshops, posters and abstracts.

The award and an associated $ 1,500 honorarium will be presented at the annual AFMC Presidential Address and Award Ceremony at the CCME. The award recipient will receive a complimentary registration for the conference. Please check the General Information section for more details.
Nominating Procedure
The nomination may be made by a letter of nomination by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the nominee’s school. Each Faculty may nominate up to two nominees. Nominations must be accompanied by an abbreviated CV, two supporting letters from peers and other relevant documentation such as letters of support from learners and evaluations showing excellence in clinical teaching or other materials as required to meet the criteria above. Please check the Nominating Guidelines for more details regarding the nomination process.
To submit a nomination, please complete the Award Nomination Form


Previous Recipients



Dr. Trudy Taylor, Dalhousie University


Dr. Vijay Daniels, University of Alberta


Dr. Robert Silver, University of Toronto


Dr. Roxana Geoffrion, University of British Columbia


Dr. Jeffrey Schaefer, University of Calgary