AFMC President's Award for Exemplary National Leadership in Academic Medicine


This award recognizes individuals for excellence and exemplary national leadership in academic medicine in support of the mission and goals of the AFMC. Nominees should be faculty members of a Canadian Faculty of Medicine with highly distinguished accomplishments and have had an extraordinary impact on the national level. Nominee accomplishments should be directly aligned with the goals of the AFMC.  Individuals  who are or were members of the Board of the AFMC and are or were paid employees or consultants of the AFMC are not eligible for this award.

Selection Criteria
The nomination should include:
  • Evidence of exemplary national leadership with achievements that the nominee has accomplished at the national level;
  • Demonstrated impact in support of the mission and goals of the AFMC where the nominee has influenced change;
  • Indirect evidence of the nominee’s work through leadership on national committees and other voluntary work;
  • Evidence of a commitment to advocacy for excellence in academic medicine;
  • Evidence of dissemination of the nominee’s work;
  • Evidence that the nominee is highly regarded by peers through recognition such as awards and/ or invited presentations, lectures, workshops, posters and abstracts;
  • Evidence of impact through statements by colleagues, students or administrators of the effectiveness of the nominee in making change or leading innovation;
  • An indication of the range and diversity of leadership activities of the nominee at other levels such as local, provincial, or international leadership;
  • Where the work was accomplished by committee, the Chair or other members of that committee may describe the degree to which the nominee was responsible for the committee’s achievements;
  • Specific statements of those outside the nominee’s Faculty to the benefits of the work of the nominee beyond their home school with impact in more than one Canadian Faculty of Medicine.
The award and an associated $ 1,500 honorarium will be presented at the annual AFMC Presidential Address and Award Ceremony at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME). The award recipient will receive a complimentary registration for the conference. Please check the General Information section for more details. 
Nominating Procedure
The nomination must be made by a letter of nomination by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the nominee’s school. Each Faculty may nominate up to two nominees. Nominations must be accompanied by an abbreviated CV, two supporting letters from peers and other relevant documentation as required to meet the criteria above. Please check the Nominating Guidelines for more details regarding the nomination process.
To submit a nomination, please complete the Award Nomination Form

Previous Recipients


Dr. Stephen Archer, Queen’s University


Dr. Louise Nasmith, University of British Columbia


Dr. Claire Touchie, University of Ottawa


Dr. Kevin Eva, University of British Columbia


Dr. Aurel Schofield, University of Sherbrooke 


Dr. Yvonne Steinert, McGill University


Dr. Paul Grand'Maison, University of Sherbrooke 


Dr. Joanna Bates, University of British Columbia


Dr. Brian Hodges, University of Toronto


Dr. Alan Neville, McMaster University