All nominators must complete a checklist. Please ensure that the nomination package is collated into one PDF file with documents in the order as specified and that all pages in package are sequentially numbered.
Nominations should be accompanied with an abbreviated CV, generally no longer than 8 pages. Please do not submit an extensive CV or additional documents unless required by the nomination criteria for the individual award. Any supporting documents should be limited to summaries of relevant work and included in the nomination package.
The entire nomination package should not exceed 30 pages. 
Please review the criteria for each award individually and tailor the nomination package or supporting documentation accordingly. Packages that are incomplete, do not meet the criteria or lack the required documentation will not be considered. 
Nominees who are not selected as the award winner do not receive notification. Only selected award recipients are notified.
Nominees not selected as the award winner in any year may be nominated in subsequent years, and a new nomination package must be submitted.