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Dr. Geneviève Moineau
Dr. Geneviève Moineau
Dr. Moineau is an MD graduate of the University of Ottawa and completed her Pediatric Residency ...more

From a Medical Student Wish to Reality at AFMC


Many of us remember the hours spent preparing paperwork for our clinical electives. So many forms, similar but yet all different, sent to so many different places! The whole thing taking hours and hours of precious time that could have been much better spent.

A letter to MD 2017 Students on the Eve of Match Day


On the eve of match day 2017, I reflect on my own challenges with decision-making related to choice of discipline. I am so old that I did a rotating internship so had more time to decide. Although I started medical school thinking that I would be a family doctor just like my father was, in second year I was certain I wanted to be a psychiatrist, and I ended up in clerkship realizing during my very last rotation that in fact my calling was paediatrics. Back then, the news came to me by snail mail.

ODE to the Future MD – Welcome to the Profession!


I remember precisely the moment I found out I was accepted into medical school. It was my second and last attempt at applying. I had just completed my BSc and, as I was not inclined to do research, I applied to medical school one last time. I was already accepted to teacher’s college as a back-up. My ‘real’ summer job was to start in June for a government department so in May, I was working for a few weeks at a downtown ‘greasy spoon’ as a cashier. Anything to make a bit more money to get me through school.

The Start of Residency – A New State of Being


The transition from medical student to resident is one of the most stressful in our careers. This year year 3,248 new residents will have entered into various residency programs in Canada within the 29 PGY1 entry disciplines. All, to a certain degree, will have experienced the emotions related to the uncertainty of being ready to function as an MD within their training program.

President’s Blog – Website Launch


It is with great excitement that we are able to share with our community this new website showcasing our many initiatives, so many of which are the result of national collaborative efforts and would not be possible without the support and engagement of our Canadian faculties of medicine and our partners.