Data & Analysis

AFMC’s Data and Analysis team manages the national repository of information on faculties of medicine across Canada. Formerly named Office of Research and Information Services (ORIS), this service was established in 1985 as a division of research and data collection at AFMC with over 40 years of data holdings focused mainly on undergraduate medical education and provides expertise in the analysis and interpretation of data through longitudinal studies and trend analysis.

With this data, AFMC is the source of information regarding physician inflow and output through Canada's undergraduate and postgraduate training system as well as the numbers and types of doctors trained and how they are distributed and move throughout Canada. We also gather data pertaining to our faculties of medicine such as their faculty compliments, curriculum offerings, tuition fees and research revenues.

In addition, AFMC’s Data and Analysis team is responsible for the distribution and collection of annual surveys that include the AFMC Applicant Study, the Annual Enrolment Survey: MD Program, the Survey of Students Receiving the MD Degree, the Revenues for Biomedical and Health Care Research, the Admission Requirements, the Canadian Faculty of Medicine Financial Survey and the AFMC Graduation Questionnaire.

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