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AFMC is the academic partnership of Canada’s faculties of medicine. Through our collective leadership, expertise and advocacy, we will achieve excellence in education, research and care for the health of all Canadians.


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75 Years of AFMC in Action 75 Years of AFMC in Action
75 Years of AFMC in Action

The legacy of AFMC is built on the commitment of our faculties of medicine to serving the needs of Canadians, to leading innovation in medical education and health research. A collection of reflections AFMC: 75 years of Legacy

A commemorative collection was published in April and released at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education. AFMC is grateful to the authors who have contributed by providing their lens on many of the seminal works of the ACMC and its successor the AFMC.

On October 22, 2018, AFMC celebrated its 75th anniversary by hosting a symposium on the future of health care, health research, and medical education. There were over 100 partners, stakeholders, past, and current thought leaders in academic medicine from across Canada and the United States. The event highlighted the work of AFMC over the last 75 years, but also envisioned the next 75 years.