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AFMC manages the national repository of information on faculties of medicine across Canada. With over 40 years of data holdings on medical education, AFMC is the source of information regarding physician inflow and output through Canada's undergraduate and postgraduate training system.

We also gather data pertaining to our faculties of medicine such as their faculty compliments, curriculum offerings, tuition fees and research revenues.

Available Reports

Would you like to access 40 years worth of data on Canada’s medical education system? AFMC can provide researchers and scientists with the relevant data and expertise in the analysis and interpretation of data through longitudinal studies and trend analysis. 

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Admission Requirements of Canadian Faculties of Medicine

The AFMC Admission Requirements of Canadian Faculties of Medicine is an annual report for those considering applying to a Canadian medical school. Detailed information on each school including number of applications, success rate, tuition and application deadlines is provided.

Canadian Medical Education Statistics Collection

Canadian Medical Education Statistics is a collection of several AFMC annual studies including applicant study, faculty study and research revenue study

AFMC Graduation Questionnaire (GQ)

The AFMC Graduation Questionnaire (GQ) national report is published annually. It contains information on student responses to the graduation survey on topics such as wellness, student experiences and program quality.

Student Portal Data on Visiting Electives

The AFMC Student Portal Data on Visiting Electives national report is published annually. It includes data on visiting electives, clerkship rotations detailed by specialty and location.

Canadian Post-M.D. Education Registry (CAPER) Census

The Caper Census is the annual report for statistical information on postgraduate medical education in Canada.

Data Dictionary

The AFMC Data Dictionary contains data elements and their individual survey-specific definitions. It provides the ability to link data and facilitate an enhanced sharing, understanding, and communication of what data is available on the Canadian faculties of medicine. Identifying, cataloging, and defining these data elements supports the medical community’s ability to conduct meaningful research, while also facilitating external research opportunities with regulatory authorities, certification and licensing bodies, governments and other health human resources stakeholders.

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Data Privacy

AFMC is proud to be a trusted steward of information on the medical education system in Canada. The materials in this section of our website explain our responsibilities and demonstrate how our privacy program works to protect the information in our custody.

If you have questions or concerns about the AFMC privacy program, please contact the AFMC Privacy Officer:

AFMC Privacy Officer
150 Elgin Street, FLR 10
Ottawa, ON │K2P 1L4

Phone: 613-730-0687
Fax: 613-730-1196

See the AFMC website at

Individuals may also direct complaints regarding the compliance of AFMC to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada :

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
30 Victoria St
Gatineau, QC K1A 1H3

Telephone: Toll Free: 1-800-282-1376

TDD/TTY: 819-994-5444