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International Congress on Academic Medicine

AFMC will be hosting The International Congress on Academic Medicine (ICAM) in Quebec City, Canada, in April 12-18, 2023.

ICAM will be a congress that is unparalleled in scope and reputation in Canada, providing unique opportunities for networking and sharing of scholarly work in medical education along the continuum and across academic medicine.

ICAM will include a special focus on all academic medicine learners including medical students, residents as well as graduate students.

Over 2000 of the brightest, most innovative physicians, learners, researchers, health organizations and leaders spanning the globe will come together to discuss the most pressing questions in academic medicine that bring us closer to a healthier tomorrow.

At ICAM, you will find:

  • World-renowned international speakers
  • Cutting edge plenaries and accredited courses tackling global themes in academic medicine
  • Presentations by Gairdner Laureates
  • Poster and oral presentations, workshops and plenary sessions
  • Networking opportunities (in-person and online)
  • A five-day career fair and exhibit hall welcoming the top-talent in Canadian and International medicine
  • The AFMC Awards and AFMC’s 80th anniversary celebration


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