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Training innovative doctors to improve health outcomes of Canadians

Today, the AFMC released its annual Graduation Questionnaire national report. This year’s report reveals that 73% of medical students have participated in research projects or scholarly activities with faculty members in 2019. Research undertaken in medical schools throughout Canada is responsible for many major advances in health care. “Health research is fundamental to the future health of Canadians” says Dr. Geneviève Moineau, President and CEO of AFMC. “The next generation of health professionals need to engage in research to better improve health outcomes for patients and their families”.“The AFMC continues to advocate for increased funding to the Research Support Fund to ensure the viability of world-class research environments” says Dr. Brian Postl, Chair of the AFMC Board. “Research dollars spent by Canada’s faculties of medicine grow the economy and seek to improve health care outcomes for their citizens and the world”.

The AFMC Graduation Questionnaire is an annual survey designed to elicit feedback about the educational experiences of students graduating from the Medical Doctor (MD) programs at the 17 Canadian faculties of medicine. Students provide responses on topics such as wellness, student experiences and program quality.To access the report, visit the Graduation Questionnaire.