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Learner News

AFMC Update for Students

Learner News

Week of May 18th

All the change and uncertainty are very stressful. The education leaders and student leaders across the country are working together to ensure the best possible education experience for students. Below you will find updates on a number of issues:

MCCQEI Examinations

Significant issues were reported by many students trying to register for the MCCQEI examination on May 12 and 13th. There have been a number of communications with the MCC leadership, CFMS and FMEQ, the AFMC Committees of Undergraduate Deans, Student Affairs Deans, Postgraduate Deans and members of the AFMC Board of Directors. Everyone is well aware of the distress and challenges that were experienced by many students.  There is also awareness of the concerns regarding the administration of the exams going forward and we are committed to work together to advocate for a process that will support student success.

Visiting Electives

There has been no change in status regarding visiting electives from the previous update dated the week of May 11th, 2020

NRMP and ERAS Match timelines for 2021

Information related to match timelines and how Canadian trainees may be impacted can be found here


Match 2021 Processes

Work has started on developing and streamlining processes for Match 2021 based on the new timelines. Three subcommittees of the AFMC Resident Match Committee have been created and tasked with developing the processes for Match 2021.

The ARMC is a committee (that predates COVID 19) comprised of representatives from the AFMC committees of Undergraduate Deans, Postgraduate Deans, Student Affairs Deans, AFMC Board members, learner organizations  (CFMS, FMEQ, RDoC, FMRQ), and CaRMS.

 There is representation from student organizations on the first 2 sub committees below, and in fact the Virtual Interview subcommittee is co-chaired by the president of CFMS.

The subcommittees are:  

 1.      Applications and File Review Sub-Committee whose mandate is to make recommendations related to application content and quality, and the file review process

2.      Virtual Interview and Program Recruitment Sub-Committee whose mandate is to make recommendations on the virtual interview processes, how to best communicate with applicants; and how applicants can promote themselves to programs.

3.      Technical Sub-Committee whose mandate will be to consider opportunities for simplification of requirements for the match run, improvements in processes for provision of files and Rank Order Lists; and, streamlining technology around interface between CaRMS/PG offices/Program Offices.

Match 2022

There have been no decisions at this time regarding the timelines for Match 2022.

Return to Clerkship

It is anticipated that the first group of students in Canada will return to clerkship on May 25th  2020 and the latest return date is set for July 6th  2020.  Faculties are working hard to plan and adapt as needed. Although some decisions will need to be made based on local, regional or provincial factors, there continues to be strong collaboration and discussion across the country.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

There will be new stresses as students return to clinical duties. There are a number of local and national resources available if students find that they are having difficulties adapting to their return to the clinical activities.  The Student Affairs offices at each university are well prepared to help. As a profession we always need reminding that reaching out for support is sign of strength.