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Learner News

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AFMC Update for Students

Learner News

October 22, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges for all stakeholders involved in the 2021 R1 match. Below you will find updates on key initiatives:

1. The AFMC has released a document titled General Guidelines and Principles for Implementation of a Structured Reference Letter (SRL)

This document focuses on general principles and guidelines approved by the AFMC Resident Matching Committee (ARMC) to assist programs in the development of a Structured Reference Letter. Any programs wanting to use a SRL will be required to complete appropriate consultation with stakeholders and have the necessary documentation submitted to ARMC at least 3 months prior to the start of the match year for implementation of the SRL. Final approval from ARMC is required by July 1st for R-1 match programs and for subspecialty programs.

2. Virtual Interviews

CFMS and FMEQ positions on virtual interviews for the match process were reviewed at the ARMC. A final decision will be made by the AFMC Board at their meeting October 25th 2021.

3. Match 2023 timelines

The 2023 R1 Match timeline will be finalized by the AFMC Board at their meeting October 25th 2021.

4. Visiting electives

The current situation with COVID19 prevents the resumption of VE’s for the near future. COVID-19 allowing, these could potentially resume in the summer of 2022 (at the earliest) once the new Student Portal is operational.


CANPREPP has new and improved features launching November 2nd 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges for applicants to medical residency programs. That’s why AFMC created CANPREPP, a virtual one-stop-shop to discover all medical residency programs in Canada.

CANPREPP gives applicants the opportunity to explore facilities and connect with the people and communities at Canadian medical residency programs from coast to coast to coast. Some new and improved features include: hear directly from current residents through the new “Resident Experience” section on program profiles; stay up to date on all events, contests, and news by signing up for a free Learner Account. Find all this and more from the comfort and safety of your own home:

Past issue resources

Recommendations of the AFMC Resident Matching Committee (ARMC) subcommittee on File Review and Applications. Recommendations approved by the AFMC Board of Directors. 



***Clarification: Some of the changes to the MSPR suggested in the ARMC SubCommittee on Applicaton and File Review, approved by the AFMC Board of Directors on October 27, 2020 may not be fully implemented by the medical schools in time for Match 2021. Please refer to the specific recommendations below: 

  1. MEDICAL STUDENT PERFORMANCE RECORD: a. All 17 medical schools adhere to the national MSPR template developed by the MSPR Working Group. This may not yet be implemented for all schools for Match 2021. b. All 17 medical schools use a common standardized approach and the same criteria in documenting professionalism issues on the MSPR. This has not yet been implemented for Match 2021. c. All 17 medical schools include narrative comments on the MSPR. This may not yet be implemented for all schools for Match 2021