Health Research

A new arm of AFMC, the Health Research division is primarily responsible for the development and implementation of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) Research Mandate.


Advocacy for the MD/PhD Program – visual infographic by the Clinician Investigator Trainee Association of Canada


The AFMC is pleased to announce the release of our position paper on health research, A Re-Envisioning of Health Research in Canada. In the paper, AFMC identifies five strategic priorities of the future of health research in Canada, including: training and development of future leaders in health research; research without boundaries; creative collaboration with health partners; renewing research infrastructure; and engaging and inspiring the public. 

A Re-Envisioning of Health Research in Canada


This is a time of great change and challenge for the health research landscape in Canada. The Federal Government has initiated an important dialog with the research community in Canada through the appointment of the Fundamental Science Review Panel (SRP). The SRP has been charged with conducting an independent review of federal funding for fundamental science and the program machinery that is currently in place to support science and scientists in Canada.

The Association of Faculties of Medicine (AFMC) has been invited to provide a submission to SRP as part of the consultation process. In response to this invitation, the AFMC has submitted a document where we provide input on three major areas: Research Strategies and Priorities, Operational aspects of Research funding, and Training of future leaders in health research. Importantly, in addition to analysis and discussion of each issue, we provide specific recommendations that will allow us to advance our health care system and the quality of life for all Canadians.

Our submission to the SRP is founded on core issues and principles that are documented in our recently released Research Position paper, A Re-Envisioning of Health Research in Canada. We look forward to continuing a broader discussion of health research in Canada. 

AFMC Submission to Canada's Fundamental Science Review Panel [English only]