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Doctor consoling a young girl with opioids problem

AFMC Response to the Canadian Opioid Crisis

AFMC is responding to the surge of overdoses and opioid-related deaths in Canada by leading the creation of a Canada-wide, competency– based curricula for future physicians in pain management and addiction medicine. With support from Health Canada through it’s Substance Use and Addictions Program, AFMC will receive approximately $1.99 million over three years (November 2018 to February 2021) to develop a curriculum consisting of bilingual online courses that are based on established competencies for student physicians that address gaps in current educational offerings. The online courses will be integrated into existing Canadian undergraduate medical education and freely available to all 17 Canadian medical schools and any other interested group. The project will also see to the development of a bank of MCQs and OSCEs for use on the national licensing exam of the Medical Council of Canada.

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Development and Implementation Overview

Opioid Implementation overview

Dr. Lisa Graves, Project Lead

Fran Kirby, Project Manager

Adriana Cull, Project Assistant

The AFMC Response to Opioid Crisis project has established 3 working committees:


Provides high level input into the overall progress and outcomes of the project.


Provides content consultation and advice into the curriculum; Develops a plan of integration into the UGME programs of their respective organizations/university.


Provides advice towards the implementation of the curriculum.

In addition to these committees, the Medical Council of Canada has established the MCQ Assessment Development Committee and OSCE Assessment Development Committee which will be responsible for developing a bank of MCQ’s and OSCE’s relevant to the curriculum for randomized inclusion on the MCC Qualifying Examinations I & II.

Project Governance Structure

Diagram showing opioid project governance structure

The Key Stakeholders

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Health Canada

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General Public

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