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Projects & Resources

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Projects and Resources

The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) has partnered with key organizations and stakeholders in creating resources to support undergraduate medical education.

Future of Medical Education in Canada (FMEC)

A virtual textbook on public health concepts for clinicians.

Covering the population health objectives of the Medical Council of Canada, the Primer presents the population perspective of health that is relevant to clinical practice and illustrates how public health concepts can be used in clinical situations. This Primer is tailored for medical students, students in other healthcare professions and all health professionals interested in improving their knowledge.

e-Learning Resources on Addiction for Undergraduate Medical Education in Canada

AFMC and the Palix Foundation have partnered to provide funding and support for the development of a suite of e-learning tools on early brain and biological development and addictions for undergraduate medical education. The suite of resources includes virtual patients, a primer (e-textbook), and podcast series. Topics that will be covered include core concepts of early child development, epigenetics, intervention and treatment strategies, and system responses to addiction.

AFMC-Infoway Physician in Training: e-Health Curriculum and e-Learning Project

In the first project phase, AFMC with Infoway created a network of eHealth experts, educators and learners; conducted an environmental scan of eHealth at Canadian medical schools; generated eHealth Competencies for Undergraduate Medical Education; ran a virtual patient challenge for learners and recognized faculty excellence through the AFMC-Infoway eHealth award. In this second phase, AFMC, with Infoway developed eHealth faculty development (FD) workshops designed to “Train the Trainer” and support the integration of eHealth competencies into medial school curricula. There were  four workshops - personal and shared information management; clinical informational management; clinical decision management; and health communications management – each conducted several times from January to March 2016.

Teachers of International Medical Graduates

International medical graduates (IMGs) form an important component of the Canadian physician workforce. Approximately 25% of practicing physicians in Canada and the United States are IMGs (Buske, 1997; Huang, 2000), and they represent a diversity of views that can be an invaluable asset in the provision of patient care. IMGs have much to offer the Canadian health care system, the patients they see, and the residents and teachers with whom they interact, and we must prepare them effectively for their professional work in their new communities of practice.

Moreover, although this program has been written primarily for teachers of IMGs, these materials can benefit all teachers working with Canadian-trained physicians and other internationally educated health care professionals. All of the modules contain teaching and learning content and strategies that can be used in diverse settings with learners at all levels of the educational continuum.

75 Years of AFMC in Action

The legacy of AFMC is built on the commitment of our faculties of medicine to serving the needs of Canadians, to leading innovation in medical education and health research. A collection of reflections AFMC: 75 years of Legacy

A commemorative collection was published in April and released at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education. AFMC is grateful to the authors who have contributed by providing their lens on many of the seminal works of the ACMC and its successor the AFMC.

On October 22, 2018, AFMC celebrated its 75th anniversary by hosting a symposium on the future of health care, health research and medical education. There were over 100 partners, stakeholders, past and current thought leaders in academic medicine from across Canada and the United States. The event highlighted the work of AFMC over the last 75 years, but also envisioned the next 75 years.

View 75 Years of AFMC in Action playlist.

AFMC Addiction eLearning for Physician Wellness

AFMC, with support from the Canadian Physician Health Institute, offers a presentation series on wellness for medical students, residents, medical educators, and practicing physicians. The series provides an introspective look at addiction in the healthcare setting. The series explores effective healthcare programs, addresses barriers to wellness such as cultural norms in the workplace and highlights important strategies for early detection and prevention of addiction. Presenters offer expertise and insight on risk factors for addiction, interactions between genetic factors and life experiences, and strategies to enhance self-awareness, self-monitoring and self-reflection.

Entrustable Professional Activities

AFMC is proud to announce the creation of pan-Canadian Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for every Canadian medical school graduate.

Ten Guiding Principles for Research Trainees

Ten Guiding Principles in Medical Education

AFMC Return to Research Guidelines