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About the AFMC Student Portal

The AFMC Student Portal is an online, bilingual service to facilitate the application and placement of medical students for undergraduate visiting electives at the 17 faculties of medicine in Canada. The AFMC Student Portal services include a searchable database for visiting electives in Canada; online application process for Canadian and international students; and placement and confirmation tracking tools for elective coordinators at each faculty.

National Reports

The AFMC Student Portal Data on Visiting Electives: National Report is a public document released annually in the rst quarter of the year. The report captures information on the application and placement activities across all 17 Canadian medical schools for visiting students as well as home school students at a given host institution (i.e. schools accepting applications for visiting electives through the Portal). The National Report also includes a Policy Focus related to a subject deemed by stakeholders to be pertinent to advancing the policy dialogue on visiting electives.

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