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AFMC calls for an increase in physician residency positions

Again this year, an alarming number of Canadian medical school graduates will not enter residency and complete their training to provide the care Canadians need. A total of 98 competent graduates did not match. This includes 36 students who withdrew after being unmatched in the first round, 31 who remained unmatched after the second round and 31 prior year graduates who are unmatched. The match resulted in 52 residency positions remaining unfilled.

“AFMC appreciates the action taken by Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba that has led to an improvement in overall results” says Dr. Geneviève Moineau, President and CEO of AFMC. “Until governments ensure that we have more residency positions than graduates, we will not be able to fully optimize the match results.” AFMC continues to advocate to provincial governments for 110 positions for each 100 graduates.

“There are significant barriers to entering residency and AFMC is advocating for a more effective national approach to the match including a review of entry routes to residency and a pan-Canadian resident transfer system” says Dr. Brian Postl, AFMC Board chair. “We will continue to work with all stakeholders, including government, to address these issues”. 

The AFMC’s 2018 Report on Reducing the Number of Unmatched Canadian Medical Graduates (uCMGs), clearly outlines the steps required to solve this critical issue. Faculties of Medicine across Canada are providing career counselling to all medical students to facilitate decision-making, and have enhanced support for unmatched students throughout the match process.