Addiction e-Learning

AFMC Primer on Biopsychosocial Approach to Addiction

AFMC Addictions e-Learning for UME - e-Textbook Priimer
AFMC Addictions e-Learning for UME - Virtual Patients
AFMC Addictions e-Learning for UME - Podcasts


AFMC and the Palix Foundation have partnered to provide funding and support for the development of a suite of e-learning tools on early brain and biological development and addictions for undergraduate medical education. The suite of resources includes virtual patients, a primer (e-textbook), and podcast series. Topics that will be covered include core concepts of early child development, epigenetics, intervention and treatment strategies, and system responses to addiction.

In 2010 an environmental scan of pedagogical resources on undergraduate materials on addiction was conducted by the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada with funding from the Palix Foundation.

Please note these resources are available in English only