EPAs for all Canadian medical schools and students

AFMC is proud to announce the creation of pan-Canadian Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for every Canadian medical school graduate. Over the next few years this set of core abilities that every graduate will be able to perform as they transition into residency will be progressively rolled-out across the country. Graduates are expected to be responsible for various aspects of patient care from Day 1 of residency, albeit under indirect supervision. They are often the first to be called in urgent or difficult situations, especially during night time care. However, new first year residents often report that they have not been observed performing these activities in medical school. Medical school must ensure their learners are well prepared for the important transition to residency training. The AFMC Board has endorsed the CanMEDS framework, with the seven CanMEDS roles defining the type of physicians that the Canadian public expects. However, assessing learners’ competence on the roles outside of Medical Expert has been challenging so far.

The FMEC PG Recommendation #5 included developing smoother and more effective transitions from medical school to residency. The FMEC PG Transition Implementation Committee and the AFMC UGME Committee supported the development of AFMC "Entrustable Professional Activities" (EPAs) at this transition period. Led by Drs Andrée Boucher and Claire Touchie, a working group developed the Canadian EPAs with input from multiple content experts and in consultation with our partner organizations. The AFMC EPAs have received full endorsement from the UGME and PGME Deans, and the AFMC Board of Directors in April 2016. The have also been endorsed by all four Canadian learner organizations: the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, the Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec, the Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec and Resident Doctors of Canada. 

Implementation of the EPAs into each Faculty of Medicine's undergraduate curriculum is underway. 

AFMC Entrustable Professional Activities