Faculty Development

Faculty development initiatives are gaining an increased importance in the development of necessary knowledge and skills in interprofessional and distributed medical education and within the context of the CanMeds and the Four Principles of Family Medicine, in order to contribute to the building of a health care education culture of continual improvement for both faculty and students.

The delivery of faculty development services is informed through current policies as well as areas of focus at AFMC and other health care organizations such as social accountability, diversity and inclusion, professionalism, leadership, evaluation and assessment, instructional development, international medical graduates, and numerous other initiatives.

AFMC – Infoway eHealth Faculty Development Workshop Series, running January to March 2016

Social Accountability - A Vision for Canadian Medical Schools: Update January 2005
FORUM, March 2005

Faculty Development Program for Teachers of Internationally Educated Health Care Professionals
The focus of this initiative was to design and implement a national faculty development program for individuals involved in the education of internationally educated health care professionals (e.g. teachers, clinical supervisors, program directors and educational administrators). The goal is to enhance their teaching and learning experiences in order to facilitate the integration of these internationally trained health care professionals into the Canadian workforce. This project was funded by Health Canada.

See AFMC Faculty Development Program for Teachers of IMGs for further details.