The role of Canadian medical schools in addressing the opioid crisis: the AFMC commitment

OTTAWA, March 23, 2017 - The Association of Faculties of Canada (AFMC) has an enduring commitment to social accountability and high quality medical education and training of Canada’s physicians. The AFMC joined Health Canada and multiple partners that ranged across the sectors of Federal, Provincial and local health, wellness and education institutions in the Joint Statement of Action to address the serious and growing Opioid Crisis issued November 2016. This statement, including AFMC’s commitment, can be found at
AFMC commits to:
• Continuing to ensure that the accreditation standards for Canada's medical schools include instruction in the diagnosis, prevention, appropriate reporting and treatment of the medical consequences of common societal problems, including the opioid crisis.
• By November 2017: Having faculty experts:
- Review opioid educational activities currently in use in its 17 faculties of medicine; and
- Create and share a repository of educational products that reflect best practice and provide them to all faculties.
Our review and collection of the opioid educational activities is now underway. We are convening a meeting of experts from our 17 Faculties of Medicine to identify best practices. Results and educational tools will be shared widely so that our physicians are well-equipped to address this crisis now and in the future.