AFMC advocates for collective action to address the crisis of unmatched Canadian Medical Graduates (CMGs)

OTTAWA, April 17, 2018 - An alarmingly increasing number of Canadian medical school graduates will not enter residency and complete their training to provide the care Canadians need. One hundred fifteen (115) current year medical graduates are unmatched. This includes 46 students who withdrew after being unmatched after the first round and 69 who were unmatched after the second round. The number of prior year unmatched has also increased from 46 to 54. “We remain very concerned regarding the number of unmatched Canadian medical school graduates,” says Dr. Geneviève Moineau, President and CEO of AFMC. “AFMC will continue to work closely with funders to address this issue,” affirms Dr. Moineau. 
These results confirm our concerns in the AFMC’s Report on Reducing the Number of Unmatched Canadian Medical Graduates (uCMGs), which calls upon provincial governments to increase the number of residency positions available and ensure that spots designated for CMGs are filled by CMGs. “The education of our graduating MDs is heavily subsidized by government as an investment in our future physician workforce. We need support from funders to ensure these bright, qualified individuals move on to residency and out into practice,” says Dr. Michael Strong, Chair of the AFMC Board of Directors.
AFMC is holding a special invitational Board session at the end of April, at which time leaders from Canadian medical schools, national learner organizations and the matching service will be brought together to perform an extensive analysis of the 2018 match and to strategize on immediate next steps to continue to reduce the number of unmatched Canadian medical graduates.