AFMC advocates for better patient care through an improved transition to residency for graduates

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – December 17, 2018 Today, the Association of Faculties of Medicine released a report, Transition to Residency: A Call to Action to address major challenges in the Canadian medical education system. The recommendations in the report will improve the ability for medical students to train as residents in specialties that meet the needs of Canadians. 

An alarmingly large number of Canadian medical school graduates (CMGs) do not have the opportunity to enter residency each year. Without a residency CMGs are not able to complete the training they require to provide the care Canadians need. As a result of this, medical students are adjusting their medical school clinical experiences to focus on one area of practice instead of gaining knowledge in diverse areas that will lead to them becoming a well-rounded physician.   “A simpler system that fosters appropriate exposure to a reasonable number of general fields of medicine to which a student can successfully match will better meet societal needs” states Dr Brian Postl, AFMC Board chair.

“We must address the challenges that impact students in their approach to residency.” says Dr. Geneviève Moineau, President and CEO of AFMC. “AFMC is asking all stakeholders in medical education in Canada to collaborate on the implementation of the recommendations contained within this report”.