Data Dictionary

The AFMC Data Dictionary (ADD) is a collaborative product of several AFMC surveys, specifically the CANADIAN MEDICAL EDUCATION STATISTICS COLLECTION (AFMC Biomedical and Health Care Revenues Survey, AFMC Faculty of Medicine Survey (AFMS), AFMC Applicant Study, AFMC Enrolment Survey, AFMC Survey of MD Graduates), AFMC GRADUATION QUESTIONNAIRE (GQ), STUDENT PORTAL DATA ON VISITING ELECTIVES, and the CANADIAN POST-M.D. EDUCATION REGISTRY (CAPER).

Coordinated by the AFMC’s Data & Information Services department, the data dictionary contains data elements and their individual survey-specific definitions. The ADD provides the ability to link data and facilitate an enhanced sharing, understanding, and communication of what data is available on the Canadian faculties of medicine. Identifying, cataloging, and defining these data elements supports the medical community’s ability to conduct meaningful research, while also facilitating external research opportunities with regulatory authorities, certification and licensing bodies, governments and other health human resources stakeholders.

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