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Hand holding stethoscope with brain on screen.


The research and innovation that is conducted by Canada’s medical schools lead to healthier Canadians, reduces health care costs and grows the knowledge economy. We must grow our health and biosciences industry to not only generate Canadian wealth and knowledge economy jobs in Canada but also improve the health of Canadians with “made in Canada” solutions.

Collectively, AFMC’s doctors and scientists not only provide care to patients and teach the next generation of doctors and scientists but also do research to improve healthcare. This research includes ground breaking discoveries that lead to new drugs, vaccines, devices, tests, and systems, collectively called innovations.

These innovations alleviate suffering and prolong productive life. In recent years, Canadian research within our systems has resulted in the development of new drugs, vaccines, devices, tests, advice and systems in areas as diverse as cancer, ageing and infectious disease.

AFMC is asking Canada’s governments to kick-start health care innovation to save our cherished healthcare system.