In this section you will find AFMC publications such as AFMC's newsletter; iMPACT, a publication demonstrating the return on our investments in faculty-based research; and Datapoint!, a publication that presents the data behind today's healthcare issues and our Annual Report.

The Office of Research and Information Services collects information from our 17 faculties of medicine and produces Admission Requirements of Canadian Faculties of Medicine and Canadian Medical Education Statistics.

You can also find a selection of AFMC reports and presentations from major projects and initiatives.

Other publications and documents of interest

The State of Research Integrity Policies in Canada
Canadian Research Integrity Committee (CRIC)
October 2009

Faculties of Medicine: Important Contributors to Health Human Resource Planning in Canada
Nick Busing and Irving Gold
HealthcarePapers, 9(2) 2009: 25-29

The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) has completed a major assessment titled "The Return on Investments in Health Research: Defining the Best Metrics". AFMC was a sponsor of this assessment.

The full report and related documents, including the report appendices, can be found on the CAHS website

The Economic Impact of Canada's Faculties of Medicine and Health Science Partners


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