Canadian Medical Education Statistics (CMES)

Canadian Medical Education Statistics is a collection of results from several AFMC annual studies performed by AFMC’s Data and Information Services team.

With this data, AFMC is the source of information on physician inflow and output through Canada's undergraduate and postgraduate training system, the amount and types of doctors trained and how they are distributed and move throughout Canada. AFMC also gathers data pertaining to our faculties of medicine such as their faculty compliments, curriculum offerings, tuition fees, and research revenues.

Data holdings, a collection of information on a subject, are populated via Surveys to schools and learners and used to create the Studies AFMC publishes in the Canadian Medical Education Statistics collection.  The data available in Canadian Medical Education Statistics are used by the Canadian faculties of medicine, the federal government, provincial/territorial ministries of health, and private industries as well as AFMC's constituents.

The Canadian Medical Education Statistics collection is organized into two parts, one focusing on the Faculties of Medicine themselves, and the second on the Pathway to Practice – that is, learners moving through the Medical Education system to become practicing providers. 

Full CMES report:

2018 Canadian Medical Education Statistics

Individual Chapters from Current CMES Report:

Part I: Information on faculties

Section A: AFMC Faculties of Medicine Data

Section B: The AFMC Faculty Members Study

Section C: The AFMC Graduate Medical Education - Masters and Doctoral (PhD) Candidates Study

Section D: The AFMC Biomedical Research Revenue Study

Part II: Information on Learners

Section E: The AFMC Aspirants Study

Section F: The AFMC Applicants Study

Section G: The AFMC Undergraduate Medical Education Enrolment (MD Program) Study

Section H: The AFMC Graduates Study (MD Programs)

Section I: The AFMC Post-MD Clinical (Residency - PGY) Training Study

Appendices: Appendices A to D