Sarita Verma, LLB, MD, CCFP

Welcome to the first edition of EducationMatters, the biannual emagazine of AFMC's Department of Medical Education.

Through EducationMatters we will share with you AFMC's richness of leadership, innovation and advocacy that is influencing the education of medical and health professions. YOU – our Committees, Networks and volunteers – make a difference by contributing to AFMC's work, and EducationMatters will shine a light on who you are, and what you are doing.

Unprecedented changes in the past 5 years in the educational space have affected medical learning. The context of health care has been completely revolutionized by the introduction of new technology. Educators and learners are evolving, as is the society in which they are expected to practice using artificial intelligence, big data and rapid advances in health care delivery. The Revolution to CBME is underway and Medicine is grappling with EPAs, new assessment techniques and a shifting landscape for interprofessional practice. At AFMC our role is to lead in advocating for socially responsive innovation in medical education, and to ensure our Faculties are on the cutting edge of contemporary “discovery learning” in curricular design, methods of teaching and delivery of training. EducationMatters will share the headway we are making and highlight some of your innovations twice a year. EducationMatters.

We have impact. We will show it here.

Sarita Verma, LLB, MD, CCFP
Vice President, Education
Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada