Transition to Residency

The Association of Faculties of Medicine is pleased to release the report, Transition to Residency: A Call to Action to address major challenges in the Canadian medical education system.

AFMC is calling on all stakeholders in the medical education community to support the following recommendations:

1)     a national capping of student elective opportunities in any single entry-level discipline to foster electives diversification for Broader Career Path Exposure

2)     the delivery of an effective match process to reduce unmatched Canadian medical graduates by implementing the recommendations in the Reducing the Number of Unmatched Canadian Medical Graduates Report, published in January 2018

3)     an alignment of entry routes to societal needs

The social accountability mandate of our Canadian medical schools is such that we must advocate for changes to the transition to residency that will lead to a system that is responsive to the needs of the Canadian population. This includes enabling graduates of Canadian medical schools to successfully enter residency training in fields that are in highest demand based on the healthcare needs of Canadians.